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Professional Poker

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This section of FTR is dedicated to the world of professional poker. Check out our profiles of famous poker professionals, including some exclusive FTR interviews with the top pro's.

Looking for some professional advice? We've included Full Tilt's series of articles, Tips from the Pro's here.

Poker pro's are like rock stars these days, getting a lot of media attention, Hollywood girlfriends (Phil Laak, David Williams, etc), video games, and endorsements. Makes you think, doesn't it? Wouldn't that be the life?! Well, as many of them will tell you, it just ain't that easy.

Some of the members here at FTR have gone pro, it's not an easy decision to make. Check out some of our discussions regarding the difficulties and merits of this big move in the FTR Poker Forum.

Pick from one of the many tips from a Full Tilt Poker pro! Full Tilt Poker's dream team of poker professionals offer some great advice and strategies to its players. Take a look at our collection of tips below!

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