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Exclusive PokerStars Bonus

Exclusive PokerStars Bonus

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PokerStars Marketing Code

PokerStars Marketing Code: flopturnriver

This code should be typed in as shown when you REGISTER A NEW ACCOUNT


Read more details on using our PokerStars Marketing Code.

PokerStars Bonus Code

PokerStars Bonus Code: STARS600

This code should be typed in as shown when you MAKE YOUR FIRST DEPOSIT


Read more details on using our PokerStars Bonus Code.

PokerStars Bonus Highlights

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PokerStars Exclusive Bonus Details

PokerStars and FTR have teamed up to offer our members a great extra bonus. In addition to the 100% up to $600 welcome bonus, FTR members will be given access to an extra $500 in tournaments each month! All you have to do is sign up through the links on this page and register for our exclusive tournaments, totaling $500! With FTR and our PokerStars Bonus Code, you get an exclusive 100% bonus up to $600 and $500 in tournaments/freerolls every single month. Make sure you use the PokerStars Marketing Code flopturnriver when creating your account.

Since the Poker Stars Bonus Code is the same for all new depositors, STARS600, make sure you click the links on this page for this incredible bonus offer. Your first THREE deposits in a 90 day period will qualify for up to $600! Once you do this, simply collect 20 times the bonus amount in base FPPs (VPPs), so 12,000 total for a $600 deposit. Do not use PokerStars Bonus Codes from other sites if you want to play in our tournaments.

Earning the FPPs for your Poker Stars bonus is easy, you just play some poker! Six (6) VPPs are divided equally to all players dealt cards when the rake reaches $1 at full ring tables (or 5.5 per $1 rake at shorthanded/heads up). If you like tournaments, you will be given 5.5 VPPs for every $1 you pay in fees.

Here are the monthly Exclusive PokerStars Tournaments and Exclusive PokerStars Freerolls you will be able to play in:

$250 freeroll - Restricted so ONLY players who signed up through FTR can play! You must use the links on this page, create a new account, and earn at least 200 FPPs the previous month to play.
$250 money added - FTRStars250 is password protected with a $3 buy-in and $250 added!

The FTRStars250 is $250 Money Added Tournament, with a $3 Buy-In, on the 30th of the Month. $250 is always added to the prize pool, no matter if 10, 20, or 100 people show up. And unlike other bonus deals you may find across the internet, we offer this money-added exclusive tournament every month! This is a great opportunity to build that bankroll for just $3!

Overview of all our events are listed here: FTR Exclusive Events
You can stay notified of all upcoming events by joining this group here: FTR Event Mailing List

For a $600 deposit you can earn the maximum PokerStars Bonus of $600, and potentially hundreds more by playing in the $500 value tournaments every month! Make sure to click the links on this page to create your account and start your poker journey!

PokerStars Marketing Code

PokerStars Bonus Code

Read more details on using our PokerStars Bonus Code.
Marketing Code:

Bonus Code:


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