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PokerStars Bonus Code

PokerStars Bonus Code

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PokerStars Marketing Code

PokerStars Marketing Code: flopturnriver

This code should be typed in as shown when you REGISTER A NEW ACCOUNT


Read more details on using our PokerStars Marketing Code.

PokerStars Bonus Code

PokerStars Bonus Code: STARS600

This code should be typed in as shown when you MAKE YOUR FIRST DEPOSIT


Read more details on using our PokerStars Bonus Code.

PokerStars Bonus Highlights

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  • Canada  United Kingdom  Spain  German  Italy  Russia  Sweden  France  Finland  Brazil  Australia 
  • 100% up to $600  (€500, £400) -- Use Initial Deposit Bonus Code: STARS600
  • Currency: $ £ € 
  • Mac Poker
  • Network: PokerStars
  • Read our complete PokerStars review

Exclusive Bonus

Read about our exclusive PokerStars Bonus for details on our enhanced bonus available only through!

PokerStars Bonus Code Details

Ready to hit the tables? Not so fast! By entering the PokerStars Marketing Code FlopTurnRiver when signing up, you will ensure your eligibility for all of the exclusive FTR events, $500 in total - each month!

For complete details on using our marketing code when creating your account, see our PokerStars Marketing Code review:

When you make your first poker deposit on the site, be sure to use the PokerStars Bonus Code, STARS600. This code will allow you to receive a huge first time deposit bonus of 100% up to $600 or €565/£400! The screen shot at the top of this page shows you how to enter it.

Don’t stress out if you can’t deposit the entire $600 all at once. PokerStars actually allows its players to make up to 3 deposits in 60 days to qualify for the full bonus amount. For example, you could deposit $200 three times within the 60 day period and you would still receive the full $600 bonus. Just be sure to use the PokerStars Bonus Code STARS600 each time you deposit.

Clearing Your $600 PokerStars Bonus

Play in real money poker games to earn VIP Player Points (VPPs), and once you’ve earned 20 times the amount of your bonus in VPPs, the bonus is cleared. If you want to earn the full $600 bonus, you’ll need to collect a total of 12,000 VPPs (20 x 600 = 12,000). Once you make your first deposit, the bonus must be earned within 120 days or becomes invalid. To make it easier, however, they release the bonus in $10 increments rather than force you to earn the entire thing all at once. So each time you earn 200 VPPs, $10 will be deposited into your real-money account.

How Long Until I Clear My Bonus?

This depends on a variety of factors such as the game, stakes, and your playing style, but on average at $.25 - $.50 NL Hold'em it will take about 89,000 hands at full ring and 65,000 hands at 6-Max. If you play tournaments, it will take $2,182 in fees.

More information on clearing the PokerStars bonus:

How to Earn VPPs
At full ring cash tables with 8 or more seats, every player dealt in the hand splits 6 VPPs per dollar raked depending on how much they contribute to the take. At a short-handed table with less than 8 seats, every player dealt in the hand splits 5.5 VPPs per dollar raked. For example, if you’re playing in a 6-max game with 6 people at the table and the total rake taken in a pot is $2.00, the VPPs awarded would depend on how much you contributed. If 4 players are sitting down, and 2 of them fold, then the other two would spilt 11 VPPS ($5.5 x $2 rake) evenly, so 5.5 VPPs each.

For tournaments, you receive 5.5 VPPs for every $1 in tournament fees paid. For example, if you play a multi-table tournament with a $55+$5 buy-in, you would receive 27.5 VPPs.

Let’s now talk about the benefits you receive by using the PokerStars Marketing Code of FlopTurnRiver when you sign up for your account. Being an FTR member allows you to participate in exclusive freerolls and money added tournaments on PokerStars. Every month you’ll have the chance to play for a total of $500, all courtesy of FTR!

$250 Freeroll
You must be a direct signup of FTR and earn 200 FPPs the previous month to play this. The freeroll runs on the 14th each month. See our Exclusive PokerStars Freerolls page for more details.

$250 Money Added
FTRStars250, $3 buy-in, $250 added, password protected. The money added event runs on the 30th each month. See our Exclusive PokerStars Tournaments page for more details.

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PokerStars Marketing Code

PokerStars Bonus Code

Read more details on using our PokerStars Marketing Code.
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