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Game: HE
Structure: NL
Type: Ring
Poker Room: Holdem Manager
Stakes: $4.00
Pot Size: $1,786.00

Holdem Manager No-Limit Hold'em, $4.00 BB (3 handed) - Holdem Manager Converter Tool from

SB ($879)
BB ($889)
Button ($160)

BB calls $4, Button (poster) checks, 1 fold, LeCreuset calls $2 (All-In), .Fogel. checks

Flop: ($16)  (4 players, 4 all-in)
LeCreuset checks, .Fogel. bets $12 (All-In), BB calls $12, 2 folds

Turn: ($40)  (2 players, 6 all-in)
.Fogel. bets $30 (All-In), BB raises to $88, .Fogel. calls $58 (All-In)

River: ($216)  (2 players, 8 all-in)
.Fogel. checks, BB bets $162, .Fogel. raises to $962 (All-In), BB calls $623 (All-In)

Total pot: $1786 | Rake: $1786

BB didn't show
Outcome: $1786 returned to .Fogel.

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FTR Hand History Converter Output (intended for copying and pasting into poker forums!):

The real player name of our hero is not shown for privacy.
NL Holdem $4(BB) Replayer Game#1724351446
olympo ($879)
LeCreuset ($1,210)
.Fogel. ($1,066)
Freddies ($889)
Limpan7 ($160)
.Fogel. posts (BB) $4
LeCreuset posts (SB) $2
Limpan7 posts (BB) $4
Dealt to .Fogel. 8h  Td  
Freddies calls $4
Limpan7 checks
LeCreuset calls $2
.Fogel. checks
FLOP ($16) 2s  Th  8c  
LeCreuset checks
.Fogel. bets $12
Freddies calls $12
Limpan7 folds
LeCreuset folds
TURN ($40) 2s  Th  8c  7c  
.Fogel. bets $30
Freddies raises to $88
.Fogel. calls $58
RIVER ($216) 2s  Th  8c  7c  Ts  
.Fogel. checks
Freddies bets $162
.Fogel. raises to $962 (AI)
Freddies calls $623 (AI)
.Fogel. shows 8h  Td  
.Fogel. wins $1,772
Converter Version: 7CC
Identify yourself as: Hero
Highlight all bets: on
Condense 1st round: on
Side-pot details:off
Hide your cards & identity: off
Mark important stacks: off
Show results: on
Show animated gif: yes
Platform: P

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