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Party Poker Bonus Clearing

Party Poker Bonus Clearing

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Party Poker Bonus Code

Using the Party Poker Bonus Code

The code should be typed in as shown below when you:
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Party Poker Bonus Highlights

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How Long to Clear the Party Poker Bonus?

Stake Full Ring 6-Max
25 NL 115,211 80,147
50 NL 55,860 40,964
100 NL 34,781 24,578
200 NL 24,255 21,188
400 NL 18,434 15,755
Tournaments 998
Above is an approximation of how many hands and tournament fees it would take to clear the full Party Poker bonus depending on which stake and type of game you play.


Party Poker Bonus Clearing Details

Party Poker offers a bonus to new players of 200% up to $500 for their first deposit. If you deposit $50 you will get a $100 bonus, if you deposit $200 you will get a $400 bonus. You have 120 days to clear the bonus.

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Clearing the Bonus

To clear the bonus, play real money cash games or tournaments and collect PartyPoints (PPs). You will need 8x your bonus amount in PartyPoints in order to clear your bonus.

Releasing the Bonus: Incremental

The bonus amount is released in 10% increments and you have 120 days to release the entire bonus. If you deposit the $500, you will receive $50 for every 400 PartyPoints earned. 4,000 PartyPoints total will be needed for the full $500. If you want your bonus in Euros or British Pounds, instead of US or Canadian dollars, you will need to earn a different ratio of points. A Euro bonus will require 10x the bonus amount in PartyPoints and a British Pounds bonus will require 12x times the bonus amount in PartyPoints

Earning PartyPoints

For every $1 contributed in rake our tournament fees, 2 PartyPoints are awarded to the player. If you play a $22+$2 tournament, you will be awarded 4 PartyPoints ($2*2). For cash games, the higher the stakes, the more points awarded per raked hand. A No-limit Hold’em game will award 10 PartyPoints for every 750 raked hands played at $0.01/$0.02 blinds and 10 PartyPoints for every 7 raked hands played at $25/$50 blinds.

Note: "Play Money" and "Freeroll" tournaments do not charge a cash fee, and therefore do not award any PPs.

Clearing Rates

The chart listed above offers estimation of how many hands/tournaments are needed in order to clear the bonus amount. It will take approximately 55,000 hands played at $50NL.

Party Poker Bonus Code

Party Poker
Bonus Code:


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