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Paradise Poker Bonus

Paradise Poker Bonus

Paradise Poker Bonus Code

Using the Paradise Poker Bonus Code

The code should be typed in as shown below when you:
[  ] Register a new account   [X] Make your first deposit

Paradise Poker Bonus Highlights

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How Long to Clear the Paradise Poker Bonus?

Stake Full Ring 6-Max
25 NL 624,999 434,782
50 NL 303,030 222,222
100 NL 188,679 133,333
200 NL 131,579 114,942
400 NL 100,000 854,700
Tournaments 8,000
Above is an approximation of how many hands and tournament fees it would take to clear the full Paradise Poker bonus depending on which stake and type of game you play.

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Paradise Poker Bonus Details

To receive the maximum 200% up to €1,000 bonus at ParadisePoker, just sign up using the links on this page. Then, simply enter the ParadisePoker Bonus Code FTR1000 and make a minimum deposit of €100. It will be doubled on any amount up to €1,000!

Collecting the bonus once you deposit is pretty fair. For every 100 points, you will release $5 of your bonus. The bonus will be released every $5 until the complete amount has been earned. Accumulating the points is simple, 1 point per raked hand (where the rake is greater than $.25). This means every 100 raked hands you will receive $5, and depending on the amount of tables you play, this can be done in 30 minutes. If you play tournaments, you receive 1 point for every $1 in tournament fees. The total bonus is earned once you have collected 20,000 points.

This is a pretty difficult to earn bonus at the lower limits. I wouldn't recommend trying to clear the whole thing unless you played 100nl or above. Make sure you use the links on this page and enter the ParadisePoker Bonus Code FTR1000 when making your first deposit.

Paradise Poker Bonus Code

Paradise Poker


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