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Paradise Poker Bonus Code

Paradise Poker Bonus Code

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Paradise Poker Bonus Code

Using the Paradise Poker Bonus Code

The code should be typed in as shown below when you:
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Paradise Poker Bonus Highlights

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Paradise Poker Bonus Code Details

Paradise Poker is one of the pioneers in the Online Poker game, and is still one of the most well known poker rooms on the internet today. The game variety you will find on Paradise Poker is almost legendary, with pretty much every poker variation known to man being offered on the site. And Paradise Poker tops it all with a marvelous bonus!

Sign up through FTR and you will be eligible for a marvelous 200% up to €1,000 bonus on your first deposit! Just make absolutely sure you sign up using the links provided on this page and use the exclusive bonus code FTR1000 while depositing. You will be on your way to double your initial deposit just like that!

Earning the bonus is a simple affair. It will be released into your account in €5 chunks, cleared every time you earn 100 Frequent Player Points (FPP). Raked cash game hands and tournament buy-ins count towards the bonus clearing. According to the Paradise Poker site:
For each raked game (that is raked for a minimum $.25) you are dealt cards, you will earn 1 point. Every time you accumulate 100 points, Paradise Poker will refund $5 from your 'Pending Credit' account to your available balance until you have recovered the entire deposit bonus that was credited to your 'Pending Credit' account.

Tournament players will earn 1 point for every dollar paid in tournament fees. For example, in a $50 + $5 fee tournament, a player will be awarded 5 points. For 1-on-1 tournaments with less than a $1 fee, players will still get 1 point.

If you deposited the whole €500 in order to get it doubled, you would need to clear 20,000 FPPs to release it all. This is pretty doable, and you will not have to grind abnormal amounts of hands and tourneys in order to get this done. Just remember to download the software using the links on this page, and use the code FTR1000 when making your first deposit and you'll be set!

Paradise Poker Bonus Code

Paradise Poker


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