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Nordic Bet Poker Bonus Code

Nordic Bet Poker Bonus Code

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Nordic Bet Poker Bonus Highlights


Nordic Bet Poker Bonus Code Details

Please note - This bonus is automatically activated by using our Nordic Bet Poker links, there is no bonus code required!

NordicBet and FTR have teamed up to provide you with a great deposit bonus! By using the links provided, you automatically have access to the deposit bonus, just by depositing €5. No code is needed! The bonus is automatic with our links.

There are five levels of bonuses available to those who sign up through FTR:

5 First Deposit Bonuses

Bonus Poker Points Level

Players have 60 days to claim their bonus. NordicBet suggests players wait until they have earned the amount of points they want before claiming their bonus, since you can only claim the bonus once. If you are serious about the bonus, then NordicBet's suggestion is the way to go because you give yourself the opportunity to earn as many Poker Points as possible before claiming.

Players earn 5 Poker Points for every $1 of rake generated, which converts to about 7 Poker Points for every €1. The amount of points needed for each level are listed in the chart above. Once you are ready to claim, email NordicBet at to claim your bonus.

Nordic Bet Poker


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