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Hustler Casino

Hustler Casino

Overall Rating: 3.625

Number of Poker Tables:


No Limit Ring Stakes:

$2/$5 (Buy-in: $100 to $300)

Limit Ring Stakes:

$2/$4 up to $4000/$8000

Tournament Stakes:

$100+$25 up to $200+$25

Player Card:

Reward points redeemable for merchandise at the casino gift shop or at HUSTLER Hollywood, their retail shop on Sunset Strip, or for food and other casino promotions.


1000 W Redondo Beach Blvd
Gardena, CA 90247


Nuts (Cool):

Lots of very soft and passive players -- even among the regulars. Friendly, casual atmosphere with a local cardroom feel. Larry Flynt and celebrities can often be seen playing.

Beats (Suck):

Sometimes a long wait for the no-limit hold'em tables. No room accommodations.

Overall Rating: 3.625

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