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Full Tilt Poker Download

Full Tilt Poker Download

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Full Tilt Poker Download

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Full Tilt Poker Download Review

The Full Tilt Poker Download is safe and secure. Full Tilt Poker Inc. uses 128-bit SSL encryption to protect sensitive information online and also does everything possible to protect user-information off-line.

By offering multiple languages the Full Tilt Poker download appeals to international poker players. The software can be run in 22 different languages, which are listed above, and can be changed to the desired language on the fly. E-mail support is available in over 19, and the website itself is also viewable in 22 different languages.

The Full Tilt software is full of cutting edge features. For starters, its lobby has 3 different views, making it easy for you to get seated in the game of your choice.

Full Tilt Poker Lobby - Basic
Basic View
Full Tilt Poker Lobby - Standard
Standard View
Full Tilt Poker Lobby - Mini
Mini View
You can choose between Standard, Basic and Mini lobby views. The Basic lobby view is designed for you to easily get a seat in a game of choice, with as little fuss as possible. It comprises of six steps, and the choices you will make will determine the type of game, what stakes, what betting limits, etc. You will be able to find a seat in cash games, Sit 'N Go or upcoming multi table tournament. It's like a super filter of the Standard View (explained next) on steroids, and is quite useful if you just want a quick grind.

The Standard view is the most cutting-edge Lobby that the Full Tilt Poker software offers. And it looks better than all the others too, but that is quite subjective. Near the top of the Standard lobby you will find an innovative cascading menu system for selecting your game of choice, quite simple and elegant in its execution but very useful and intuitive.

You can also set up advanced filters in the Standard lobby, making it even easier to see only the games you are interested in. These will then be found in the Favorites tab, and can be applied instantly.

Most innovative of all the Standard lobby features might be the Widgets column on the left hand side. There are a multitude of widgets available such as the Cashier Mini Balance, Ironman Status, FTP (Full Tilt Points) Odometer, and Session Information, and most these can be configured to appear when you play a specific type of game.

The Mini view is, as the name suggests, a more compact version of the Standard view. While some information is left out to make the lobby window smaller, the widget system works in this view as well, so you can choose what you want at your fingertips.

As far as game types are concerned, all the most popular ones are available on Full Tilt Poker. You can choose between Hold'em, Omaha Hi, Omaha 8, Stud and Mixed Games. All the betting limits are represented as well. The Mixed Games tab will offer you a ton of combinations of games, such as HORSE and 7-Game, but also less popular and more minimalist variants such as HA and HEROS. Whatever you crave to play, you can be sure you can find the right game on Full Tilt Poker, and very easily using whichever one of its lobby views.

Full Tilt Poker's advanced software features are definitely not only limited to its lobby views. Oh no, at the tables, you will definitely see many features that makes most other poker rooms look as if they are still in the Stone Age.

Running it Twice on Full Tilt

Aesthetically, Full Tilt Poker is excellent, with cartoonish graphics being the order of the day. You can choose many backgrounds for the tables you play on, and if you reach a final table in any tournament, the table's background will change to resemble a cartoon version of a live poker tournament. All the action buttons are well implemented as well. Even the bet slider is configurable in ways you have never even expected, and once you use this customization you will ask yourself how you could have played without it previously.

You can choose between the Classic and the Racetrack table views as well, with the "Classic" one having a slightly tilted camera view of the action, while the "Racetrack" view simulated a top down view. Avatars can be turned on or off, and you can also choose to have the full cards shown (full in the sense that you will see your whole hole cards instead of just the top half), or four colour cards displayed. The cards are clearly legible and made using vector graphics, which means no matter how big or small you resize the table, the cards will never lose their sharpness and quality.

Full Tilt Poker was one of the first poker rooms to introduce a graphical hand history replayer, and they have kept its quality top notch ever since. It's very easy and intuitive to use.

The Full Tilt Poker software also uses very good software security, including two different addition authentication options: logging in with pin and logging in with a security key. The pin option includes three cards which you will have to select, and then reenter them in addition to your password each and every time you log in. The security key option involves Full Tilt sending you either a security key generator or a smartphone application which generates security keys. Just as with the pin option, you will also have to enter your password when using the security key option to log in.

Your log in history is also easily accessible, knowing exactly which IP logged into your account and from where.

Obviously, all of these cutting edge software security features will make it very hard for any unwanted person to get access to your account.

All you have to do is experience Full Tilt Poker for a little while and you will undoubtedly arrive at the conclusion that it is one of the best, if not the best, poker rooms around. They have everything any player could look for, from novice to professional. Their tournament schedule is unequaled and their cash games are wildly popular. The software itself is quite amazing. Full Tilt Poker's software is easy on the eyes, while having little to no lag while navigating the poker room. Navigation is very simple as well. Full Tilt Poker utilizes a tab-based navigation system, as do most sites these days, which makes it very easy to find the game or limit you are looking for. It is rare for a complaint to be heard about Full Tilt's software and generally one only encounters heaps of deserved praise.

The Full Tilt Poker software has come a long way since 2004. They have one of the most stable systems, up to date features, and are constantly improving. With some of the largest tournaments today, lots of cash tables and a huge player base, you will always be able to find a game. One can be up and running in minutes with the latest download!

Try the Full Tilt Poker download today!

Full Tilt Poker
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