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Darvin Moon

Darvin Moon

   By Jack Sawyer


Oakland, Maryland


Oct. 1, 1963

Career Highlights:

  • 2009 WSOP Main Event, Runner-Up
  • Held Chip Lead Throughout Much of the 2009 WSOP ME
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    Darvin Moon, also known as The Maryland Logger, almost made history by being a true amateur poker player who took down the most prestigious annual poker tournament in the world, the WSOP Main Event. Moon entered the final table as the chip leader, but in a very wild heads-up match, he would ultimately lose to Joe Cada. Moon won nearly $5,200,000 for his efforts during the Main Event.

    Moon started playing poker at age 12, playing 7-card stud with his grandfather. He would come to fall in love with the competitive nature of the game, but he would not pursue poker as a career. It was until three years ago that Moon got to know Texas Hold’em.

    Shortly before the start of the Main Event, Moon participated in a small satellite event that was held at a local Wheeling, West Virginia Casino. Little did he know that at the end of that event he would be sent home with a $10,000 2009 WSOP Main Event entry under his belt, but this is exactly what happened. His brother would then encourage him to play his seat instead of selling it to someone else.

    During the tournament, Moon would invoke Hevad Kahn’s cries of “BULLLLLDOOOOOZEEEER” by how many players he would eliminate. He was on a roll during the whole tournament, and even David Benyamine fell victim to the Moon Man.

    Common Misspellings: Darving Moon, Darven Moon, Darvin Moone

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