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Carbon Poker Bonus

Carbon Poker Bonus

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Carbon Poker Bonus Coupon Code

Using the Carbon Poker Coupon Code

The code should be typed in as shown below when you:
[  ] Register a new account   [X] Make your first deposit

Carbon Poker Bonus Highlights

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How Long to Clear the Carbon Poker Bonus?

Stake Full Ring 6-Max
25 NL 4,687,500 3,260,870
50 NL 2,272,727 1,666,667
100 NL 1,415,094 1,000,000
200 NL 986,842 862,069
400 NL 750,000 641,026
Tournaments 75,000
Above is an approximation of how many hands and tournament fees it would take to clear the full Carbon Poker bonus depending on which stake and type of game you play.

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Carbon Poker Bonus Details

Home of the FTR11 - Recurring $50 Money Added Tournaments, $1 Buy-In, on the 11th of the Month. What this means is that regardless of how many players enter this tournament, we are adding $50 to the prize pool, courtesy of Carbon Poker and FTR! And unlike other bonus deals you may find across the internet, we offer this money-added exclusive tournament every month! This is a great opportunity to build that bankroll for just $1! Make your first deposit now and you will be able to play in this tournament, every month!

In addition to the FTR11 tournament, Carbon Poker and FTR have teamed up to give its members an even larger deposit bonus! By signing up through FTR and using the bonus code CARBONPK, you will receive a 200% up to $5000 initial deposit bonus! This is much larger than what is normally offered, so make sure you sign up through the links on this page and enter the Carbon Poker coupon code CARBONPK when making your deposit.

Once you make your deposit, you then have to collect Comp points to clear the bonus. The amount of Comp points you earn per hand depends on the stakes you are playing, up to 10 points per raked hand. If you play the micro limits you might want to reconsider trying out this bonus, as you only earn 1 point per raked hand. It takes 120 Comps to collect $1 on bonus, so you need to accumulate 120,000 total Comp points. At the low limits this is a lot of hands!

Remember to use the links on this page and enter the Carbon Poker Coupon Code CARBONPK when making your deposit, to ensure you receive the increased bonus and entry to the FTR11!

Carbon Poker Bonus Coupon Code

Carbon Poker


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